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Greater Mount Horeb Missionary Baptist Church 

In the winter of 1959, the Late Reverend Dr. Johnnie Jones assembled with 8 worshipers in the garage of his home for the sole purpose of establishing an ecclesiastical form of expression through which the worship of God and service to mankind could co-exist.

The congregation known as Greater Mount Horeb Missionary Baptist Church (GMH) became the avenue through which those assembled would express their faith and extend hope to others. In His inimitable Grace, God supplied every need for the developing congregation. From the trustworthy courage of the original 8, God continued to faithfully increase the number of sheep in the flock. 

The Lord graced the congregation with her first sanctuary in a metropolitan area, at 9213 Ashville Drive in Houston, Texas. The growth of GMH over the years has indeed become a testament to the incomparable deeds of our God. He favored His flock with many new ministries. 

The Greater Mount Horeb Choir recorded an album "Walk Around Heaven" in both cassette and 8-track tape while The The Reverend Dr. Johnnie Jones and preached on the album. 



Reverend Dr. Johnnie Jones


Sister R. Banks, Soloist


Brother James Jefferson III, Soloist


Sister R. Banks, Soloist


Sister Ella Mae Jefferson


Sister Laura Jefferson

"After a period of meditation and prayer the Holy Spirit placed on my heart the need of the people being taught to PRAY. If this record, to some degree, inspires and enables the weary listener to reach that closer relationship with Christ, your humble servant will feed the Album" quoted on the album cover by Reverend Dr. Johnnie Jones.

In 1991, Reverend Dr. Jones became incorrigible ill and his son, Reverend Robert Jones accepted the calling and became acting Pastor.

Reverend Robert Jones was installed as Pastor of GMH on October 15, 1992, upon the death of his beloved father. God continued to bless the GMH spiritually and numerically. Pastor Robert Jones is committed and devoted to both personal and spiritual growth, self help and self improvement to help guide the church along our path. Together as a family, Pastor Robert Jones wants the congregation to experience the fullness of life, grow personally and spiritually, and discover the unfoldment of joy, and a personal connection to God. A caring atmosphere, quality leadership, and community outreach gas attracted people from all ages, religious backgrounds, races, and walks of life.

Since 1996, GMH has grown in a variety of ways under the leadership of Pastor Robert Jones. After new ministers were sworn in under his pastorialship, Pastor Jones was promoted to Senior Pastor in May 2015. There is a new Generation rising at GMH. A Generation who doesn't believe in limits, and who believes all things are possible. Pastor Robert Jones and his wife Lady Dianna are leading this Generation with a practical message that is transforming lives. A message of hope, healing and forgiveness. A message that you can live the abundant life God is calling you too. With a message that they are on FIRE for God! The motto which was quoted by the Late Reverend Dr. Johnnie Jones, was and still is today...

"Your Blessings don't come by how Others treat you, but how you treat Them“

- Reverend Dr. Johnnie Jones -

Mission Statement

We must be involved in specific missions that will meet the needs of the people and communities. Our mission is to effectively do the work God has set before us to do, according to the Word of God.

Vision Statement

The vision for Greater Mount Horeb is Spiritual Growth. “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6a) Spiritual leadership is a heavy responsibility. Whether you teach a church school class, hold a church office, or lead a Bible study, don’t take your leadership.

“The Bible, the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, are the inspired Word of God without error in the original writings, and are the complete revelation of His will for the salvation of men, and the divine and final authority for all Christian faith and life.”